Is your hall under-insured?

At our October coffee morning event members discussed the question of insurance and what would happen if the worst happened and your facility burnt down.  We heard from a trustee in another county where this actually happened and the experience from the trustees point of view.

On the back of this discussion I exchanged emails with Martyn Ingram of Norris & Fisher (Insurance Brokers) Ltd.  He has written two blog posts which may be of interest to Trustees:

If you are concerned about the level of insurance cover contact your insurance company and see if they offer a valuation service.  Norris and Fisher provide the follow service to their clients:

“We currently offer a valuation service at a cost of £168.00 for existing clients and £300.00 for others (with a rebate of £100.00 if they then take out insurance via Norris & Fisher).  However, from 1st January we are launching a free valuation scheme.  Any existing Village Hall clients can have a free valuation provided they have a Long Term Undertaking with three years left to run (we can renew the undertaking if they have a shorter period remaining). 

Our insurers then guarantee that, in the event of a claim, the clients would not be penalised provided they have gone ahead with the recommended sum insured, even if the valuation were too low.”

There is also an ACRE information sheet which covers the subject of Village Hall insurance cover and this can be downloaded from the members area of the Cambridgeshire ACRE website.




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