Curtains available to halls

hemmingford-abbots-curtainsDue to Hemingford Abbots Village Hall committee installing new curtains in their building, they now have six sets of curtains available to other halls.  The curtains are a number of years old but still in a fair condition, however they would need cleaning.  The curtains would be available by collection only from Hemingford Abbots Village Hall, High Street, Hemingford Abbots, Huntingdon PE28 9AH.  The trustees are happy for the curtains to go to a new home with perhaps a small donation made towards their village hall. 

Approximate measurements are as follows: 

  • 54inch width used.
  • Top window  3 & 1/2 widths ; 10ft drop  x 2
  • Back doors ; 3 &1/2 widths ;   95ins drop x 2
  • Main doors;  3 & 1/2 widths;   95ins drop x 2 double faced.    

Please contact Sharon Lancaster on 07796 334331 or if you are interested.



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