Considering Hallmark 1 accreditation for your Village Hall?

Do you think your committee is prepared enough to take part in Hallmark 1?  I think you would be surprised to find you probably already are!  Why not download the Hallmark_1_Checklist to review at one of your committee meetings and see if you can join the halls above who have all achieved Hallmark 1 and beyond!

The process offers your committee an opportunity to review your governance and we are here to help and support you in that process.  It may be simply reviewing the user groups in your document to ensure they reflect how your hall operates today or you may wish to change an administrative clause to update the document.  It is of course good practice to review your document on a regular basis.

One area the Hallmark process will look at is how you run your Annual General Meeting, ensuring you comply with your governing document and that as trustees you are conducting the process correctly.

Here are some suggested points to look at when planning your next AGM.

The Annual General Meeting is the meeting that must be held each year in accordance with the Trust Deed of your Charity.  It is held to allow the people in the area of benefit the opportunity to hear what the charity/committee has been doing in the past year and for them to elect people to serve on the committee.

The Trust Deed usually requires there to be notices announcing the AGM to be displayed in the area of benefit (this can be found in the Trust Deed). Sadly, often the committee find themselves reporting to just the members of the committee, however, you could try something different this year! How about trying an event where after the formal AGM business has been conducted you could hold an ‘open evening’ inviting your user groups to take a ‘stall’ as part of a ‘market place’ allowing them to inform those attending about their activity/club, serving refreshments can also encourage attendance!

Your AGM agenda should include the following items:

  • Apologies for absence
  • Minutes of the previous AGM
  • Trustees report for the year
  • Treasures report and presentation of accounts
  • Appointment and Election of the management committee (Trustees)
  • Appointment of your Independent Examiner for the following year

Don’t forget your officers (Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer) are appointed at the first committee meeting after the AGM.

Co-opted places are filled at committee meetings as and when required.

If your trust deed details the appointment of representative members the secretary should read out the names of the people appointed to the committee by the organisations that are entitled to appoint representatives.  this make it very clear to those attending which members are elected and which members have been appointed by the organisations listed in your trust deed.

Lastly don’t forget – All correspondence must include Charity Registration Number.

If you have downloaded the Hallmark 1 checklist and you think you are ready or almost ready to take part in Hallmark please get in touch with Lisa Chambers

We will be able to support your committee throughout the process to ensure you succeed with the accreditation.



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