Are you looking for funding? Why not book to attend one of these events

Funding October

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the Support Cambridgeshire funding portal, if you haven’t signed up for the portal yet click here.  You may just find the funding stream your committee is looking for!


Have you signed up yet?

Funding portal

Are you currently looking to fund a project?  Or you have an idea for a project but are unsure how to fund it?  Well, SupportCambridgeshire 4 Communities is a free self-service portal which enables voluntary and community organisations to browse, search and apply for grants to support their work.

The portal has been funded by Cambridgeshire County Council for a 12 month period, and community organisations are encouraged to register, visit and use the site as much as possible.  If you would like training or support using the site we can offer group or 1:1 sessions on how to use the portal.  Simply register today to start browsing and searching for new funding opportunities.

Its FREE and there for you to use, so what are you waiting for!

Have you signed up to the new ‘Support Cambridgeshire 4 Community’ funding portal?

Funding portal

Not only can you do individual funding searches but you can also sign up for funding alerts allowing you to receive email notifications if new funding opportunities arise which match your search requirements. Why not give it a try and take a look around the website, just click on the link below and you never know you may find just what you have been looking for!



New service available to help you search for funding.

Support Cambridgeshire Logo_CMYK

Support Cambridgeshire has invested in a new initiative called SupportCambridgeshire 4 Communities.

Support Cambridgeshire 4 Communities  is a self-service funding portal which any community organisation, Town or Parish Council can access free of charge.

Organisations can browse or search for funding based on a number of differing criteria, including subject matter or amount.

When first browsing or searching, organisations will be required to register, and upon activation of the link can then undertake unlimited funding searches.

Help and advice is available via a separate menu – and Support Cambridgeshire has listed a series of frequently asked questions here

If any organisation requires support or training in using SupportCambridgeshire 4 Communities please contact Support Cambridgeshire.  

So why not give it a go…. you may just find that pot of gold your charity needs to complete its latest project!


Do you know a trade hero?


Jewson’s are offering the opportunity for a trade hero to win £50,000 to support a community project.

New for 2017 is the Trade Hero category, which seeks to celebrate construction workers who play a big role in their community. Whether it’s a roofer who has fixed a leak in the village hall or a builder who has supported a local children’s charity – they want to find these individuals. The Trade Hero will win £50,000 worth of building materials to enable them to complete a worthy community project. Are you a Trade Hero? Tell them what you would do with £50,000 worth of building materials for your community.

For more details click here