Chairs available to community building

We have another request today from a community building who wish to pass on some chairs to another community building who may need them. The stage equipment yesterday when at lighting speed and was in its new home by 6pm last night!!

Please see the photos above for the office/conference suite chairs that are available. The seats and back-rests of these chairs are padded. As you can see from the picture they are covered in grey/lilac fabric with metal legs and frame (silver). Comfortable to sit on and easy to handle. Stackable. Perfect for a small office, conference room.

There are up to seven chairs available and can be purchased individually or as a group. Price is £5.00 per chair. There is no delivery option – collection only.

If you are interested please contact Lisa Chambers via the email link or call 01353 865048 and we can put you in touch with the hall.

Village Hall stage equipment available

We have been contacted by a village hall in Cambridgeshire who wish to pass on their stage equipment to another community building who would be able to make good use of it.

The village hall committee would not expect payment from another charitable or non-profit venue but the stage equipment would need to be collected.   

Each unit consists of a platform with four detachable legs. There are also casters which can be fitted instead of legs, so that when the units are not in use they can be slid under those that are erected. 

Anyone interested please contact Lisa Chambers via the link or phone 01353 865048 for further information.

Free chairs available

Village Hall chairs available FREE for collection.

Victory Hall Trustees (Somersham) wondered if any community building or group would like some chairs. There are 33 in total, some with arms, some fabric and some imitation leather. All are beautifully clean.

If you are interested please contact Lisa Chambers who can pass your details onto the committee to arrange for collection. or call 01353 865048

Water, Water everywhere and not a drop to drink…

Is your hall’s water supply delivered in a nice modern blue plastic pipe, or are you one of the many halls that still has an ageing lead connection?  Have you carried out a water quality test recently?  Lead contamination can build up in an old pipe, especially where the supply is not used on a continuous basis.

During a kitchen refurbishment at Newton Village Hall, we asked Anglian Water to test our supply, which they do free of charge.  The outcome was that our drinking water supply exceeded the prescribed maximum level for lead contamination and we were advised to switch to bottled water until a new pipe was installed.  Unfortunately, Anglian Water will only replace the pipe on their side of the meter (which also failed the quality test!), so they’re digging up the road, but we must replace the pipe from the meter to the building.

This is an important check, often overlooked, but should be carried out even though it may lead to a bill for remedial works.

Article provided by Dave Gibbs Chairman of Trustees at Newton-In-The-Isle Village Hall

Tables for sale

West Wratting Village Hall have some tables for sale, if you are interested please get in touch with the committee direct by clicking the link – Ben Willcocks

Set of 16 game tables available for sale. 60cm wide x 60cm deep x 72 cm high. Wooden top and metal legs. They are in good solid condition but are used and have some marks. They have mainly been used by the village bridge club.

Collection only from West Wratting Village Hall.

Little Downham Village Hall presents…



Little Downham Players are very happy to come to your village hall and deliver a ‘murder mystery evening’ event for your community to help raise funds for your hall.

At the moment Little Downham Players have a choice of two different events, ‘who murdered the director’ and ‘who murder the vicar’ there is a potential of 2 more new events in the pipe line.

If you would like more information please contact Graham Hayter-Smith