Community Building Mentors

CBM pictureWhat are community building mentors?

Cambridgeshire ACRE recognises that those best placed to give advice are often those who have been through a similar experience themselves.  This idea led to us setting up a team of volunteer Community Buildings Mentors, who each have a wealth of experience of managing the community buildings in their own communities, to offer peer support to others.

Community building Mentors allow Cambridgeshire ACRE to extend the reach of its service and provide a different facet to our support to community buildings.  Mentors also support us at training events and conferences and receive ongoing training themselves from our Community Facilities Development Officer to help them carry out their role.

Read a Case Study of how one of our Community Building Mentors helped another hall with setting up a bar in their community building.

Take a look at this podcast of Dave Gibbs explaining about his role as a Community Building Mentor.

Who can be a community building mentor?

We believe that any experienced community building trustee may be suitable to act as a mentor to others.  If you have a specific area of expertise, would feel confident in sharing your knowledge with others and could spare a couple of hours a month to support others then please get in touch.  You may be able to offer exactly what someone else needs to build their confidence to tackle a difficult problem at their community building.

We would particularly like to hear from trustees who have experience of marketing their community building (using websites and social media), financial expertise and health & safety.

Please contact Lisa Chambers if you would like further information on how to become a community building mentor.


How do I get support from a Community Building Mentor?

Always contact Cambridgeshire ACRE’s Community Facilities Development Officer, Lisa Chambers, in the first instance.  If she believes you would benefit from speaking to an experienced trustee from another hall, she will match you with one of our Community Buildings Mentors and put you in touch.